Shadows: Assassin's Brawl
While in a mission in the Stackhouse district, you discover more assassins have been hired and deployed by several parties...
Gamemode: Battle Royale
Last update: 29/12/18
This map takes the classic challenge Shadows and repurposes it to be a Battle Royale map.
  1. Select Workshop storage
  2. Select Deathmatch
  3. Select the map
  4. Set classes to custom, only set the first to "Metalface Explorer" and leave the rest empty.
  5. Set rounds to 2, but reset after 1.
  6. Bot pathfinding isn't compiled, so you might want to turn them off.
  7. If you find 2 minutes to be too harsh of a time limit, set it to 0. Recommended.
  8. Pick an empty team!