Fields of Depth (collab)
You finally manage to teleport into the old base... only to find out that the machines are waking.
Gamemode: Classic Survival
Original author: Oxeye
Last update: 10/03/16
A revamp (not that much anymore) of Survival House, by Oxeye. Revamp made by Jan + Jan! (DolanCZ + Janeator).

  • S2
    • Rebalanced shops.
    • Added more secret stuff.
    • Rebalanced loot and volts.
    • Rebalanced actor spawning.
    • Made radio indestructible, enjoy the beats.
  • S1
    • Redone most if not all visuals.
    • Redesigned large parts of the map.
    • Rebalanced actor spawning.
  • v1.2
    • Added trees.
  • v1.1
    • Removed middle locale.
    • Other stuff.