Cold Extraction (CTP)
People say that when night falls, you can hear matter shots and see blinking lights...
Gamemode: Capture the Plug
Last update: 15/06/2016
An update on my original version of Cold Extraction, from before Oxeye made it part of the game and turned it into Plug Slam (equally good!).
Click on the "Online" button so you can host this map online! It will lead you to a modified version of the map in the workshop, the prefix of which has been changed to ps_ so it can be played online. To select it while hosting, select Workshop, Plug Slam maps.

  • S2
    • Increased respawn time for upgrades.
  • S1
    • Tilted base girders a bit.
    • Added rocks in the backgrounds.
    • Changed the snow colours a bit.
    • Added some signs and changed colours a bit.