An old burning meteor that wanders around space.
Gamemode: Deathmatch
Last update: 17/07/17
Meteor has been an ingame arcade map for a long while, but it's going to be replaced by the new Meteor in the next update. For that reason, I've improved it a bit and uploaded it to the workshop so you can always play it :)

  • v1.3
    • Renamed as Asteroid.
    • Added more rocks in the background.
    • Improved the layout a bit so weapons don't fall off and the map flows better.
    • Painted the rocks.
    • Removed the rocks (throwables).
    • Added a light to the shield belt battery's pillar.
    • Added ship.
    • Modified galaxy position.
    • Improved AI pathing.
    • Changed some plants' colors.
    • Increased playable area.
    • Adjusted overview camera.