I'm Jan, 21, from Catalonia (Spain). I decided to go and purchase this domain so I could host some stuff for myself and do some experiments.
It also hosts my portofolio now.
The site is fully hand-written (except for the slideshows) and uses only HTML5 and CSS so far, and it's still under construction.

In the portofolio section you'll find my current projects or projects that I've worked on in the past (once it's built...).
In the Videogames section you will find a list of games that I've loved and I recommend everyone plays for various reasons (once it's built...).
If you're a fellow Cobalt player, be sure to check out the Cobalt section! All my maps are in there, and you can download them directly from the website without ads or anything like that.


If Twitter is not enough or not appropriate for whatever you need, you can reach me at janeator.gaming@gmail.com .